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#WichitaFacts - Why ICT?

Every wondered why Wichita’s airport code is ICT? 🛩

➡️ While many would assume our airport code would start with a ‘W,’ it was actually against FCC regulations for airport codes to start with either a ‘K’ or ‘W’ at the time that Wichita’s airport was assigned its own code. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Okay…well why not ICH?

➡️ It’s standard for airport codes to begin with the second letter of the city (when the first wasn’t allowed, as in our case), and then follow it by any letters that would make it the most recognizable. Under those guidelines, it was decided that ICT would be the most appropriate for our city!

Whether it be ICT, The 316, Air Capitol of the World, or another nickname, let us know your favorite thing to call our city below!👇


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