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#WichitaWednesday - Orpheum Theater

We’re back with another 🤩 #WichitaWednesday! 🤩 This time we’re featuring the Orpheum Theater 🎭, Wichita’s non-profit center for the performing arts.

Quick Facts -

🏗️ Built in 1922 - at the time shows cost between $0.40 and $0.75!

🥇 First atmospheric theatre built in the United States

📜 On the National Register of Historic Places

🍿 Hosted the Kansas premier of Gone with the Wind in 1940

🏚️ Was closed and abandoned in 1976 due to competition with so many other venues. It was later restored and finally reopened in 1999.

Upcoming Events -

🎬 Thurs, June 22 - #IMOMSOHARD Ladies Night!

🎬 Sat, Aug 12 - Bobby Bones

🎬 Sat, Aug 26 - Miranda Sings

🎬 Sun, Sept 17 - John Cusack

🎬 Tues, Sept 26 - Whose Live Anyway?

🎬 Tues, Oct 3 - Disney Encanto: The Sing Along Film Concert

**There are more upcoming events, the ones listed above were cherry picked from the complete list of events which can be found on their website.**

We’ve included quite a few historic pictures down below, be sure to check them out! 👇

To visit their website:

For their wiki page (and one of our sources):

*Photos and information are from Orpheum Theater’s website and the wikipedia page, both linked above.

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