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Wichita's Sister Cities for #NationalSisterDay

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Happy #NationalSisterDay! While our LLC doesn’t have a sister, the city of Wichita has FOUR…four sister cities that is! These cities include Tlalnepantla and Cancun, Mexico; Orléans, France, and Kaifeng, China.

Tlalnepantla, Mexico - 1973

  • Became sister cities after their Presidente Municipal (Mayor) Joaquin Rodriquez Lugo visited Mayor James Donnel in Wichita.

  • A replica of the Keeper of the Plains was presented to Tlalnepantla in 1975. This replica now stands in Tlalnepantla’s “Plaza Wichita.”

  • (For more info on the Keeper of the Plains, check out our past post here:

Orléans, France - 1974

  • The 137th Infantry of Kansas 35th Division helped liberate Orléans from Nazi occupation in August 1944.

  • When they became sister cities in 1974, they exchanged statues. Wichita gave Orléans a replica of the Keeper of the Plains, and Orléans gave Wichita a Joan of Arc statue in return.

  • Joan of Arc, also known as the “Maid of Orléans,” was considered a heroine in France for her role in the Hundred Year War. (More info on her here:

Cancún, Mexico - 1975

  • Officially became sister cities November 25, 1975.

  • Wichita gave Cancún a replica of the Keeper of the Plains one year later.

  • On September 27th, 1978, Cancún presented Wichita with a replica of the Mayan Rain God, Chac. This can now be found at the Mid-America All-Indian Center.

  • Wichita has aided Cancún in the past by supplying medical supplies and developing a project to upgrade Cancun’s water supply.

  • Cancún has since named its elementary school “Wichita-Cancún Elementary School” in honor of this relationship. Wichita then went on to send supplies such as crayons, scissors, and paper to the school.

Kaifeng, China - 1985

  • In early 1985, Mayor Robert Brown sent a task force to Kaifeng to determine if Wichita should establish a Sister City relationship with a city in the Henan Province.

  • On December 3rd, 1985 this Sister City relationship became official.

For more information, visit:

Happy National Sister Day!

*Originally posted on our Facebook page on August 1, 2021.*

The Keeper of the Plains replica in Tlalnepantla, Mexico.

The Keeper of the Plains replica in Orléans, France.

Joan of Arc statue in front of the Wichita Public Library in Wichita, KS.

Photo was taken by Keith Wondra, 2010. Source:

Mayan God of Rain, Chaac

Source and more info:

The Wichita-Cancún Elementary School in February 2019.

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