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Wichita's Murals

When someone mentions city murals, is Wichita one of the first places that comes to mind? If not, maybe it should be! With over 100 murals in the city, there are tons of different styles to be seen. In fact, we’re even home to the largest acrylic mural by one artist in the world! 🌎

Some quick facts about the mural: 🎨 Called El Sueno Original, aka The Original Dream 🌾 Covers an entire grain elevator in north Wichita 🏈 At 50,000 sq ft, it’s almost as large as a football field (57,600 sq ft) 🧑‍🎨 Created by street artist GLeo 👭 Commissioned by Armando Minjarez, director of the Horizontes Project, which aims to unite the predominantly Latino North End and historically African American Northeast neighborhoods of Wichita. 📍 Check it out for yourself at 519 E 20 St N, Wichita, KS 67214

Below we’ve included photos of not only El Sueno Original, but also some of the other murals that can be found around Wichita. Let us know which ones you’ve visited below! 👇

El Sueno Original

Refer to source (2).

Armando Minjarez, director of the Horizontes Project, in front of the mural.

1125 E Douglas - The Artist at Large Tattoo Shop Mural by Chris Tenary

Refer to source (4).

3407 E Douglas - "We've Got the Joy" by Elisabeth Owens, sponsored by Mollie Smith and John Throwbridge

Refer to source (4).

3215 E Douglas - "Greetings from Wichita"

Refer to source (4).

100 21st St E - Heather D. Byers

Refer to source (3).

13th St Train Bridge - Kamela Eaton

Refer to source (3).

122 N. Madison - "Livin' in the Wheat"

Refer to source (4).

2100 E Douglas - "Bee Yourself" by Jeff Jokavac, sponsored by College Hill Pediatric Dentistry

Refer to source (4).

1520 E Douglas - "Dear Wichita, Take Care and Dream Big" by Lindsey Kernodle and friends, sponsored by Michael Andrusak

Refer to source (4).

1007 N. Cleveland (Dunbar Theatre) - Priscella Brown

Refer to source (3).

1. For a map of Wichita’s murals: 2. Largest acrylic mural source: 3. The Horizontes Project: 4. For more murals and their locations:

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