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Fall is upon us, and soon it will be time to cozy up by the fireplace, too! So what better time to talk about #NationalChimneySafetyWeek?

The facts: - Most chimney fires go undetected - Without remedial attention, other chimney fires are likely to follow - The leading cause of chimney fires is creosote build up - Signs include cracks in flue tiles/masonry, discolored chimney cap, warped metal of the damper, creosote flakes

What to do: 🚨Install a smoke detector on every level of your home 🚨Install a carbon monoxide detector near your fireplaces or wood-burning stove 🛋Inspect for holes or cracks where embers can escape 👨‍🚒Hire a certified chimney sweeper to inspect and clean your chimney 🌳Use only dry, seasoned wood 📦Don’t burn trash or large pieces of cardboard 💨Ensure sufficient air to allow proper burning 🔥Use a fireguard to protect against hot embers popping into the room 🧯Don’t go to bed before properly extinguishing all hot embers 🚫Don’t scoop out hot ashes 🏡Keep ashes in a metal container at least 10 feet from your home

For more information on National Chimney Safety Week, visit: To keep up with our other non-listing posts, check out our website:

Stay tuned next Sunday for National Fire Safety Week!

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