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From the WBJ - Eight new home design trends in Wichita in 2022! 🏡

In summary: 1️⃣ Slab homes - Basements are going out of style in favor of one-story living. 2️⃣ Outdoor living - Larger patios are making a debut along with more outdoor amenities like fire pits, built-in grills, soaker pools, and screened-in porches. 3️⃣ Tubs in the shower - As larger and larger walk-in showers are being built, free-standing tubs are moving inside the walk-in shower. 4️⃣ Unique floor plans - Unique storage ideas, hidden cabinets, and an overall functional but unique style are becoming much more popular. 5️⃣ Front elevations and color schemes - Buyers are more interested in home exteriors that are moving away from the typical 'cookie cutter' home. 6️⃣ Black and white is the new black - For this one, think white cabinets and black countertops or white walls and matte black fixtures. Buyers appreciate the contrast! 7️⃣ Accents - Along the same lines, natural wood (exposed wooden shelving, wooden overhead beams) and gold accents have become popular. 8️⃣ Lifestyle - Developments are now being designed with the intent of building a community in mind. For example, the aim of the neighborhood clubhouse now is to hold events regularly for the entire neighborhood, not just have a family use it once for a graduation party.

Full article: "Schellenberg Development Co. is among those working to push the envelope on home design in Wichita.

Dylan Schellenberg, vice president of sales and marketing at the development company, says home buyers in Wichita are after the newest styles and design features, whether that's embracing outdoor living or ditching cookie-cutter exteriors and floor plans.

"Since Covid, your home has never been more important," Schellenberg said. "Home is now a place where you work and spend quality time with your family. Because of this, it has changed the way the buyers think about what is necessary. Everything is considered — from their home office, and their very own personal gym, to enlarged outdoor patios and private pools."

Heading into 2022, Schellenberg identified the eight most sought-after and cutting edge design features his company is introducing to Wichita.

1. Slab homes Basements are going out of style.

"Slab homes aren’t just for the 55+ community, we are seeing more buyers interested in one-story living," Schellenberg said. "We have more models being built that will showcase the home without a basement. This gives the home a very different look, along with a more usable outdoor living space."

Have no fear, Kansans. These home designs are incorporating in-ground tornado shelters that are accessed via the garage.

2. Outdoor living With the Covid-19 pandemic, homeowners are spending more time outside than ever before. New home designs have emphasized dynamic outdoor living spaces that can be used by the whole family.

"Our patios have drastically increased in size over the last couple of years with amenities including fire pits, built-in grills, soaker pools and screened-in porches," Schellenberg said.

3. Tubs in the shower No need to worry about splashing water out of the tub.

Free-standing bathtubs have long been a focal point in the master bathroom. Meanwhile, walk-in showers are getting bigger and bigger, but many bathrooms just aren’t big enough to accommodate both. Introducing: the tub-shower combo.

4. Unique floor plans "Seeing the same floor plan with different paint colors is getting stale with today’s buyers," Schellenberg said. "They want to see new fresh floor plans that are different than what you typically see. They want to see unique storage ideas, hidden cabinets, while also having a style that is functional but unique.

5. Front elevations and color schemes The same goes for exterior designs and color schemes.

"Moving on from the 'cookie cutter' homes is something we started attacking back in 2015," Schellenberg said. "I think it's important to keep up with the current trends and evolving with the market as styles change. We will continue to push the envelope on what the exterior of the homes look like. We want the buyers to be able to show their personality, and not just copy what they have seen next door."

6. Black and white is the new black Speaking of color, bright white is still in style for its modern and airy look. But buyers appreciate high contrast. Think white cabinets and black countertops, or white walls and matte black fixtures.

7. It's all in the accents Along those same lines, natural wood and gold have become a trendy way to introduce contrasting accents into the home. In the kitchen, you'll find exposed wooden shelving or wooden overhead beams. Gold faucets and cabinet hardware are also popular.

8. Lifestyle Buying a newly constructed home is more about the home itself, Schellenberg said.

"Our developments are designed with the community needs at the forefront," he said. "We want to create an environment that fosters the ability to make connections with your neighbors, have the kids playing outside, and truly creating a community not just a development. We don’t want to just sell a lot and give you access to a clubhouse for graduation parties, we want to hold events to where the entire neighborhood can get together and socialize.

Schellenberg and its network of local builders have been putting those new styles in front of homebuyers at its most recent Wichita developments. Currently, Schellenberg has move-in ready homes and is still building in three developments — Bay Country at 119th and Central, Estancia at 37th and Ridge, and Arbor Creek at 183rd and Pawnee. Later this year, Schellenberg is starting on its newest neighborhood, called The Coves, at 53rd and Tyler, which will have about 400 lots with patio lots and lakeside estate homes ranging from $325,000 up to $1 million.

"We'll have streets in toward the end of April," Schellenberg said. "We already have models that are starting out there."

A shortage of inventory on the market in Wichita is driving the increase of new home construction in Wichita, he said.

"There's just low supply, and when that happens... we're getting more and more people that are coming and talking to the new-home agents out there," Schellenberg said. "With the way that market has been and the finalation of prices for resale homes

With few inventory, home prices have been appreciating at their fastest pace in decades.

"If you're going to spend that kind of money, might as well build exactly what you want," Schellenberg said."

- Shelby Kellerman, reporter with the Wichita Business Journal

Photos from Gina Dreher - originals can be found in the original WBJ article located here (subscription required):

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