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Frank Lloyd Wright's Birthday and His Influence on Wichita, KS

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

While many may not know his name, today we celebrate Frank Lloyd Wright’s birthday. Frank Lloyd Wright, a famous architect, had intended to design a property in every U.S. state. While he didn’t succeed, he did make his way to Wichita, KS.

The properties that he designed here include:

  • The Allen House - located in College Hill and built in 1917, he originally designed this home for the Kansas governor at the time (Henry J. Allen).

  • The Corbin Education Center - located on WSU’s campus, this was one of his last projects and was built in 1963, four years after he died.

  • Century II - while Wright wasn’t directly involved in designing this building, he is often associated with it -- the two architects that did design it were his interns!

During his lifetime, Wright designed over 500 homes, museums, and office buildings. And even now, over 400 of those buildings are still standing. Many of these properties are available for tours today, including the Allen House which you can find photos of below. Happy Birthday, Frank!

For more info on the Allen House, including tour reservations: For more info on Frank Lloyd Wright:

*Originally posted on Facebook on June 9, 2021.*

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