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Douglas Avenue Streetscape - Georgia Gerber

Ever noticed all of the sculptures downtown? 🤔 These sculptures located along Douglas Avenue are part of the Douglas Streetscape Project, which consists of numerous sculptures created by Georgia Gerber!

Quick facts:

  • 🏙 In 1998, the Wichita City Council was considering a renovation called “Douglas Streetscape.”

  • 🤝 Wichita resident Dick DeVore spotted an installation by Georgia in Portland, and he thought she would be perfect for the project. He was the head of the DeVore Foundation which then commissioned Georgia to create the series of public sculptures along Douglas.

  • ⏳ The sculptures were created from 1998-2002.

  • 🥤 The showcase piece is a life-sized old fashioned soda fountain and lunch counter.

Photos of the soda fountain/lunch counter and other sculptures in the collection can be found below. Be sure to check them out, and tell us your favorite in the comments! 👇

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