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Campbell/Crumm Castle

Did you know there’s actually a castle here in Wichita?! 😱 Allow us to introduce you to Campbell Castle!

Since it was actually known by several names, here’s a brief rundown: - Built from 1886-1888 by the Colonel Burton Harvey Campbell, he called it Campbell Castle - In 1960, Maye Crumm purchased the property and began to call it Crumm Castle. It also briefly housed the Belle Carter High School during this time which Crumm ran. - In 1994, Terry and Paula Lowry bought and renovated the home into a bed and breakfast, The Castle Inn Riverside. - While we were unable to find the exact information online, it appears that the bed and breakfast may now be closed.

Key Features: 🛌 16 bed 🛁 16 bath 📐11400+ sq ft 🤩 Numerous structural antiques imported from Europe by the Campbells (including the 300-year-old Grand Staircase) 🌳 2 acres of landscaped grounds 🔥 6 bedrooms have whirlpool tubs and 12 have fireplaces 🕶 Solarium 🌤 Three balconies 🔭 Open rooftop area on the sixth level of the main turret 🏘 Adjacent carriage house (almost another 4000 square feet!)

This property is definitely a sight to see! While it appears that they're not currently open for tours, they have been open for them in the past. Be sure to keep an eye out if you're interested! 😊

To view this property on Zillow: Castle name source:

*Photos of this property were taken from the Zillow listing, linked above.* #crummcastle #campbellcastle #riverside #wichitaks #WichitaHistory #thecastleinnriverside

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