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#WichitaWednesday and National Wine Day - Hello to Alzavino Wine Tavern! 🤩

This Wednesday we’re celebrating not only #WichitaWednesday, but also National Wine Day! 🎉 So what better time to introduce everybody to a local wine bar, Alzavino Wine Tavern?!

Quick facts:

🍷 Owned by Wichita natives Ken and Danielle Harmon

🍷 Located in the Delano District

🍷 Opened Fall 2021

🍷 Pre-paid cards are used at their WineStation machines - they make the set up super simple and are happy to answer any questions!

🍷 They also serve some beers, appetizers, and desserts.

🍷 The dining room is first-come, first-serve, and the patio is open when staffing and weather permits. Alternatively, two rooms are available for reservations of either 6-12 or 6-8 people.


Monday: 3-10pm

Tuesday: 3-10pm

Wednesday: 3-10pm

Thursday: 3-10pm

Friday: 3-11pm

Saturday: 3-11pm

Sunday: 3-9pm

We’ve been here several times and have always really enjoyed our evening. Let us know if you stop by!

To find them on Facebook:

You can also find them on instagram: @alzavinowinetavern

*All photos are from Alzavino's facebook page.

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